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A Life Full of Laughter is a PR Friendly blog! My family and I enjoy reviewing products, companies, and websites and giving our honest opinion about them. I am especially interested in reviewing any craft related items as that is my passion!  If you are interested in having your products or website featured on A Life Full of Laughter please contact me at


Current Stats (as of October, 2015)

Monthly page views: 3,936

Alexa rating: 2,189,798

Page rank: 2/10

RSS subscribers: 1003

Twitter followers: 5,337

Facebook fans: 5,256

Google +:  908

Pinterest: 2,217

Instagram: 1,319


Review Policy

All review products must be sent to me free of charge and will not be returned after the review is finished. Once I receive the product I will post the review within 6-8 weeks, unless prior arrangements have been made. The review will be promoted on Twitter and Facebook.  I will also email the link to you so you can promote however you choose. If, in the unlikely instance, I am unhappy with a product or company I will contact the company or PR agency so we can come to an agreement that suits everyone involved.



Giveaway Policy

All prizes must be sent directly to the winner from the company or PR agency unless prior arrangements have been made. Giveaways generally last 2 weeks and all winners are chosen at random. The giveaway will be promoted on Twitter and Facebook as well as several giveaway promoting websites. I will also email the link to the sponsor so you can promote it however you choose.



Sponsored/Pre-Written Posts

Sponsored/pre written posts are another way to advertise your company or business without participating in a review or giveaway.  I can write the post or you can send me something you’d like posted.  All posts must be approved by me ahead of time & are subject to my discretion.



Ad space is always available and a wonderful way to introduce your company or business to my readers!  I currently have space for button/banner ads as well as text links.


Disclosure Policy

My current disclosure policy can be viewed here.

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