What type of knitter are you?

knittingAre you a “process knitter” or a “product knitter”? I’d say that I’m a little bit of both but mainly lean on the “process knitter” side. Do you know which you are? A “process knitter” basically knits for the enjoyment of the entire process. Whereas a “product knitter” simply knits because they enjoy the end product.

Although I really love wearing my hand knit socks or hats, and nothing is better than cuddling up with a huge, hand knit blanket, that is all just icing on the cake for me. The real thrill, what brings me back again and again, is the entire process. I love reading through patterns and project pages on Ravelry, deciding on the perfect pattern, then on to choosing the yarn (the absolute best part, in my opinion!), then casting on and enjoying the entire time period it takes to knit the item. I love the actual act of knitting, and I love dreaming about how the item is going to turn out. Not to mention the thrill I get when I post here or on Facebook or Instagram. It’s so fun to get all the compliments!

Of course, since I’m a “process knitter” that means I usually have lots of projects at various points in the process. I’m always researching and dreaming about what I want to start next; my mind is always thinking about the next yarn I’m going to use; I have lots of different projects at various points of finished – just cast on, half knitted, needing to be bound off, or even simply needing ends weaved in & blocked; it’s no wonder at all that some people think that all I think about is knitting! It’s true!

So how about you? Are you a “process knitter” or a “product knitter”?


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  1. Dee says:

    I’m guessing I’m a bit of both. I enjoy the process, but sometimes wish it went faster than it does so I could wear what I’m knitting.

    BUT — I also like making things “just so” and that takes time. So — it’s a bit of both.
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