Resolutions and Plans for 2014

resolutionsDo you make resolutions each year? I do. I find it fun to look back on the past year and analyze what I’ve done and how things have unfolded. I’ve always believed you don’t really know where you are going if you don’t look at where you’ve been.

Which leads me to the “resolutions” each year. I don’t make the traditional resolutions like losing weight, saving money, and things like that. Sure, I should do those things. But, let’s be honest….I’m probably not going to. Instead I like to look at my resolutions as dreams or goals instead. They are things I’d like to accomplish in 2014. Or even things I’d like to attempt. If they don’t happen, it isn’t the end of the world. But if they do happen then I’ll be very happy!

My first, although I suppose this could sorta be considered a real resolution because I’m depriving myself in some way, is that I really don’t want to buy any yarn at all in 2014. When I completed my “wall of yarn” in October, I was overwhelmed by the amount of yarn I had. There was almost 200,000 yards of yarn in those cubbies. Plus, since then I’ve added even more. And I still have acrylic yarns that need to be documented!

wall of yarnGoodness that is a lot of yarn! Not to mention the fact that there are a lot of really beautiful skeins in the group. Things I will love to knit with but my mind is always on the path to just purchase more. Why is that? I don’t really know, to be honest, but I want to find a way curb those feelings. Instead, for 2014 and possibly even longer, I am going to knit strictly from my stash. No new yarn purchases!!

I hate to admit it but I think it is going to be really difficult. How sad is that? Over 200,000 yards of absolutely beautiful yarn and I’m whining because I can’t buy anything new. I’ve discovered that lots of knitters and crocheters feel the same way though. It’s an addiction of sorts, lol. I’ve even started a Facebook Group for us to support one another. I’d love for any of you to come join Yarnaholics Stashdown!

So, other than not buying yarn, what are my other goals and dreams for 2014? Well, I really want to knit a sweater. I’ve been overwhelmed by the idea but really, if I can knit socks I should be able to knit a sweater. So that is on my list. I’ve also become completely addicted to knitting socks. I love how fun they are & how portable, not to mention how comfy they are to wear!! My goal in 2014 is to knit 14 pairs!!!  Also, I want to learn how to make project bags and stitch markers. I used to really love quilting so the sewing portion of the project bags shouldn’t be hard. It’s just getting myself away from the knitting needles long enough! I’ve bought lots of different beads and wire to make stitch markers, now I need to just learn how to do it. Those will be fun though!

Finally, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this blog, A Life Full of Laughter. I really want to get back to writing about my crafting and my life in general. I’ve gotten away from that and I miss it. I hope to devote more time in 2014 to truly blogging about the things that are important to me.



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