Knit An Ice Pack Cover

One afternoon, about 3 weeks ago, I felt a “crick” in my neck. Afterwards, it felt like a stiff neck. I thought I’d just slept on it wrong and it would clear itself up. Unfortunately, it didn’t and things got worse. My whole neck, shoulder and right arm started hurting. Then a few days later I began feeling a tingling sensation all down my arm.  I was so uncomfortable that I was even having trouble sleeping at night. Ugh!!

I tried ice, heat, Advil, Aleve, resting, whining, lol. Nothing worked! After lots of advice from all my Facebook friends, I decided that I needed to go to the Chiropractor. I’d never gone before and was nervous. Quickly, though, my nervousness gave way to relief. He was nice, gentle and so helpful! It turns out I had a pinched nerve in my neck and would need to be “manipulated” by the Chiropractor. After a few adjustments, the pain is pretty much gone but the tingling is hanging on somewhat. I’ll be visiting him for quite some time to get this completely under control though. One this he’s suggested is to use ice (eventually that will change to heat instead) as needed.

I bought two fantastic ice packs from the Chiropractor’s office. They’re big so they cover a lot of space. I wanted two so I’d always have one frozen and ready to go. Luckily they weren’t too expensive, only about $10. Anyhow, I usually just warp a towel around an ice pack but that is a bother. It slides and exposes my skin to the cold. Or I have to double or triple the towel up to keep it in place then I can’t even feel the ice pack on my skin.


This, of course, is the story of how my Ice Pack Cover was born! I love to knit, as you all know, so I decided to knit something up. I’m still totally committed to knitting strictly from my stash and not buying new yarn so I headed to my “wall of yarn” to pick some yarn out. I decided on some pretty Bernat Cotton in an awesome yellow, white and orange colorway. Using size 8 (5.0 mm) needle, I cast on 84 stitches using a Turkish Cast On. Now, my ice pack is 10″ x 15″ so that is how many stitches I needed. You may need more or less depending on the size of your ice pack and the thickness of your yarn (mine is worsted weight).


From there I just knit and knit, round and round, until it was about 3/4 of the way to the top of the ice pack. I then switched over to 3 x 2 ribbing. I then knit in rib until the Ice Pack Cover was about an inch or so taller than the ice pack. Finally, I bound off using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

I love it! I love how the yarn striped so beautifully in the straight knitting portion. That was a surprise to me! But I also love how it changed looks so dramatically when I switched over to ribbing. But, most importantly, I love how useful it is. It’s so easy to just slide my ice pack down into the tube. No more hassles!


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  1. Tiffany says:

    What a brilliant idea. Wool is such a great material to use for something like an ice pack cover. I know how absorbent it is on a diaper cover so this would help keep the moisture away and keep cool.

    I hope your neck is feeling better, I found when I went to eh chiropractor on a regular basis it always helped:)

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