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2013 holiday gift guideI’m super excited to introduce you to a wonderful new website I’ve discovered. It’s called “full beauty” and they offer a wide variety of really fantastic plus sized items. I’m a plus sized girl myself and it is a real struggle to find any undergarments and sleepwear that really fits. I have beautiful curves that my husband really loves and I like to show them off sometimes.

Of course, sometimes I just want to be comfy and cozy too. full beauty is my go to website for those times as well. I love their flannel pjs. I decided to go with the cupcake fabric, which is just adorable. Here is a picture from the website of one of their models wearing these fantastic flannel pjs…..

fullbeautyI highly, highly recommend checking out full beauty, as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. I promise you that you’ll find some really fantastic items for every curvy gal on your shopping list!



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