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2013 holiday gift guideYou all know how much I love crafting! Which, of course, means that I think any type of craft related gift is the perfect choice! If you have any crafters on your shopping list, I can guarantee you that there will be lots of great ideas in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide.

First up, which is a great item from The Fat Quarter Shop, is The Binding Box. This adorable box contains 12 different spools of the amazing Aurifil 50 weight cotton thread. Sewing with Aurifil thread is every quilter’s dream, and to have access to so many beautiful colors in one neat little box is fantastic!

binding box


This Fat Quarter Shop exclusive thread box contains the following colors…

  • Baby Pink:MK50-2423
  • Blossom Pink:MK50-2530
  • Coral Red:MK50-2250
  • Violet:MK50-2520
  • Light Blue:MK50-2805
  • Sky Blue:MK50-2770
  • Cobalt:MK50-2730
  • Navy Blue:MK50-2784
  • Spring Green:MK50-1231
  • Cinnamon:MK50-2155
  • Slate Grey:MK50-2605
  • Charcoal:MK50-1158

Aren’t they beautiful?!

binding boxI promise you, if you have a quilter on your shopping list this year, she will be thrilled to find The Binding Box from Fat Quarter Shop under the tree! Maybe, just maybe, she’ll even use some of this awesome thread to make a quilt for you!


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