Check out the Flux Flap iPad Case

I love my iPad! Who doesn’t, right? And it is so fun to get great accessories to go along with it. My very favorite accessory to buy are cases and stands. Unfortunately, I tend to not be very satisfied with them. I think the problem is that I like to use my iPad in both portrait and landscape mode. Most cases don’t really function this way. Even the ones that are designed to work in both modes tend to fall over or not be sturdy enough. Especially when I’m tapping away at the screen trying to crush candy. You all know what I’m talking about don’t you?!

But now, thanks to an awesome new iPad case that has just launched on Kickstarter, I feel like there may be some hope for my predicament. The Flux Flap iPad Case sounds like it is going to be perfect! Although I haven’t tried it out yet, I’m anxious for the release and wanted to share the news with all of you! Check out this fun video…

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