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2013 holiday gift guideDo you have anyone on your Christmas list that likes to cook? If so, then I would suggest checking out this awesome Reversible Griddle & Grill from Brylane Home. It’s fantastic! Not only is it made of high quality cast iron, but it will also actually cover two of the burners on your stovetop. That’s a lot of cooking space.

brylane homeAs you can see from this photo, there are two different sides on your cast iron griddle and grill. One side is nice and smooth, perfect for things like french toast and grilled cheese. The other side has wonderful grooves like a grill, which creates the ideal meat cooking surface. I’m looking forward to trying out the grill side on some yummy steaks. I really love cooking with cast iron because of how evenly it heats. This Reversible Griddle & Grill is no different than other cast iron items I’ve used in the past. It really is awesome!

I highly recommend checking out Brylane Home, as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. They carry a wide variety of items for your home not to mention the awesome Christmas decorations they have available right now. You’re bound to find something for lots of people on your shopping list!





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