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Do you like watching bridal shows? My daughter and I sure do. It’s fun to see what wedding dresses they pick, how the various styles look on different body types, and, of course, the interactions between the bride and her family or friends. Sometimes we’re honestly shocked at how pushy some of the moms can be! I can’t imagine making my daughter feel bad or guilt her into picking the dress I wanted her to pick. Of course, it’s easy to say that when I know that our tastes are pretty similar.

Anyway, back to the dresses. Just like it is fun to watch bridal shows it is also fun to browse wedding dress websites such as DressFirst. There are so many different styles, shapes, and even colors available now! I personally like this ruffle style…

dressfirstBut I also think that this mermaid style is classically beautiful too…

dressfirstDressFirst even offers colored wedding gowns, including this beautiful red one…

dressfirstI don’t think I could pull off wearing a red wedding gown, but I’m sure there are brides out there that could! No matter what your style preference is, it is always fun to browse various wedding gowns. DressFirst is an awesome site to find all types of wedding, bridesmaid, prom and evening gowns.




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