Attending My First Fiber Festival

fiber festivalTom and I have a super exciting day trip planned for tomorrow. We’re going to Yellow Springs, Ohio (about 2 hours away from our house) to attend a fiber festival! I’ve never gone to one before so I don’t know exactly what to expect but I am positive I’ll have a great time.

The fiber festival is called “A Wool Gathering” as you can see from the picture above that I “borrowed” from their website from last year’s event. I’m hoping the rain holds off this year too! Although I believe a lot of the vendors are under a tent so even rain won’t keep me away.

So, what is a fiber festival? Well, from what I can gather I believe there will be lots of vendors selling their yarns, fiber, knitting/crochet accessories and possibly even hand knit items. There will also be lots of different animals from which yarn is spun and even some sheep shearing. I also hear there will be some delicious food, including some amazing ice cream!

I can’t wait to see everything. In my mind, the best way to sum up a fiber festival is that it is a celebration of yarn and all things related to yarn! That sounds like a perfect way to spend the day to me. Plus, thanks to some awesome Sleepytime Hat customers, I have a pretty good chunk of change to take with me. That, of course, means that next week there will probably be a post about all the beautiful yarn I splurged on.

Have any of you ever gone to a fiber festival? Either a smaller, local one like we’re headed to tomorrow? Or even one of the big events like Stitches or Rhinebeck? I’d love to hear about your experiences!



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