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Time for more Wifey Wisdom! Today I want to talk about letting your husband rescue you. Deep down, no matter how hard it seems to believe, all men want to “rescue” the woman they love. I know that women today want to be seen as independent and self sufficient, and I am willing to respect this desire, but I hate to see us lose our feminine nature.

You may feel as if you have to take care of everything, answer all the questions, make all the decisions, and fix all the problems.  Maybe your husband isn’t working right now. Maybe he works too much. Maybe he doesn’t step up and take the responsibility he should as the man of the house. Or maybe….just maybe….you aren’t giving him the space to step up.

I’m not saying this is your fault. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of trying to take care of everything. For years I felt frustrated because it seemed like I had to be both the husband and wife in our home, both the mom and the dad. It seemed as if my husband went to work every day and that was the end of his involvement in our family. I was covering literally everything else.

Eventually, though, I could feel myself getting burnt out. I just didn’t feel like I had it in me anymore. I decided it was time to make a major change. Our daughter was younger then so I asked my mom to babysit for the weekend. My husband and I spent the entire weekend connecting again. I felt closer than ever to him and felt comfortable sharing how I had been feeling.

I told him that I felt as if I was doing everything and I just couldn’t do it anymore. He was shocked. He said that he wanted to take much more responsibility but didn’t think I wanted him to. He said he’d been feeling frustrated because he didn’t feel needed for anything more than his paycheck. Wow!

We talked, I cried, I showed him my vulnerable side, he comforted me, and he began slowly taking on the responsibility of more things in our marriage and life together. He stepped up to the plate beautifully. Now, he is the one that takes care of everything. It is so much easier on me!

The interesting part was that as soon as I showed my vulnerable side to him and allowed him to “rescue” me he immediately puffed up. Not literally but figuratively. He loves taking care of me. He loves being my hero. I think it gives him confidence to know that I need him.  And a confident man is a very, very sexy man!

My challenge for you, through my Wifey Wisdom,  is to find a way that your husband can “rescue” you. It might be big, like my situation was, or it might be something small, such as fixing a cupboard that sticks. Either way, let him know you need his help. Don’t nag him, don’t order him around, don’t tell him how to do what you need done. Simply state the situation and tell him you would like his help. Then give him the space to be your hero. I promise you will be thrilled with the results!

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