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yazziiI am super, super, super excited to introduce you to one of my newest sponsors here on A Life Full of Laughter. Yazzii carries a fantastic line of very useful bags. I love them for my crafting supplies, but they are also great for jewelry, makeup and travel. Here is some info from their website…

From elegant and exclusive to fashionable and trendy fabrics – we have a wide selection of products that are functional and stylish and will appeal to women of any age! The see-through panels are a hallmark of Yazzii organizers. The Yazzii range is comprised of Organizers of different shapes and sizes with pocket configurations that should meet all your needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our attention to detail. We are constantly looking for new products that are multi-functional in their usage. Our designers have been involved in the entire manufacturing process to ensure that our quality standards are met. Yazzii International is based in Melbourne, Australia.  Our products are rapidly gaining recognition world-wide and are now available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Europe and South Africa.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be showcasing a wide variety of bags that Yazzii offers. Maybe we’ll even through in a few giveaways as well! The bags are all very high quality, handmade, colorful and functional! I can’t decide if my favorite thing about them are the beautiful, bright colors or the fact that all of them have tons of see through zipper pockets. They are just ideal for organizational efforts!

The first bag I want to tell you about is the Deluxe Double Organiser. This awesome bag is divided into two distinct sections. The upper section has two zipper pockets as well as a larger storage area. Then the bottom section has eight more zipper pockets. Most of these pockets are see through, which makes it so easy to see what you are storing. Although the pockets are fantastic, it is nice that there is also a section that is open for storing larger items.

yazzii2 yazzii3Be sure to visit Yazzii for all of your bag needs, as well as checking them out on Facebook and Twitter. They are also going to be attending the International Quilt Market in Houston towards the end of October. If you are anywhere near the area, you should go to the quilt show. You’ll see lots of great quilts and be sure to stop by the Yazzii booth to learn more about their awesome products!

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