Introducing @teespring

What is Teespring? Well, lets start with comfort. Tshirts are just about the most comfortable thing to wear! Not to mention the fact that they are a great way to communicate how you are feeling or what you think about something. Just think if you could create your own tshirt to convey any message you wanted!¬†Wouldn’t that be great!? Well, that is exactly what you can do at Teespring! Here is some info from their website…

Teespring allows you to create & sell custom tees with zero upfront costs, and zero risk.
Create & sell t-shirts online the easy way. No paying thousands of dollars upfront, no guessing how many shirts or what sizes you’ll need, and no passing out t-shirts one by one and chasing people down for cash.

I love how you don’t have to pay upfront. You simply launch a campaign and set a goal, create your design, spread the word about your tshirt and begin taking preorders, then if you reach your goal everyone pays for their tshirts and you make some money! I also love how there are so many different ways people could utilize this service. For example, look at the couple that wanted to adopt, or the 11 year old raising money to sing in a children’s choir, or even as a means to raise 85k for Boston relief! So awesome!!


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