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I hate to admit it but I think I am completely addicted to having new gadgets, cases, covers and so on for my Apple products. They are so fun to play with! Today I want to tell you about a really cool charging device I received from GMYLE. They are an online shop that carries awesome Apple accessories, as well as other smartphone & tablet accessories. gmyleBefore browsing through the GMYLE site, I had never heard of the Qi Charging System. What a fantastic idea! You simply plug the charging mat into an electrical outlet. Then you place the slim charger receiver case on your iPhone. After that charging your iPhone is as easy as laying it on the charging mat! No more plugging cords into your phone.

I like the simplicity of this charging system and I also like how slim the receiver case is. I do wish they came in “prettier” colors but the black is simple and elegant. I’ve also been very happy with my experience on the GMYLE site. It was easy to place my order and delivery was very quick!

Be sure to check out GMYLE for all of their Apple accessories. Their prices are very reasonable and you’ll be pleased with the wide variety of selection. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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