Guest Post – Talking to Kids About Their Internet Personas

Many young people who are in the process of finding their first job, do not realize that their online persona can negatively affect their chances of getting hired. It’s common these days for potential employers to investigate applicants by examining their social media sites. Because most parents do their best to assist their children in securing their first job, Internet reputation help for parents is important so that they fully understand how to talk to their children about the importance of maintaining a good online persona.

Because most modern parents found their first jobs before the Internet was a part of the everyday lives of most people, they don’t give much thought to social media and how it can negatively affect anyone who is looking for a job. Employers perform Internet searches on applicants as a matter of routine these days, and those whose social media pages portray them as less than stellar, usually find themselves having a difficult time even getting a first interview. Although it seems intrusive that employers actually seek out the social media pages of applicants and make preliminary decisions based on what they see, it has become so widespread that it’s standard procedure in many companies.

Parents need to caution their children about using questionable language on their social media sites as well as making references to drug and alcohol use, even if done in a humorous manner. Tone and intent can be difficult to discern on any online venue. Children should also be made aware of the inadvisability of including photographs of themselves online wearing provocative clothing or in sexy poses. Basically, an online social media profile should be as tame as possible, so that prospective employers don’t get a negative impression. It is also advised that the profile be checked on a regular basis in case friends or acquaintances have posted objectionable material. Things that may seem like a joke among friends are often misunderstood by employers, so it’s best to remove any content that could be construed as a sign of irresponsibility.

Some people also use social media to work out their differences with others. This can often become too personal, causing others who aren’t involved in the situation to feel uncomfortable.

Parents should counsel their young job-seeking children not to put anything online that they wouldn’t want their grandmother to see, because potential employers are watching job applicants on the Internet.

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