Lots of crafting going on!

I’ve been really enjoying getting back to crafting.  I always feel so much more relaxed and calm when I’m actively working on different projects.  Plus it feels so good to actually accomplish thing!

Yesterday I started on the projects for my Spa Swap on Ravelry that I mentioned the other day.  I’ve chosen what I want to make, picked out the yarn, and even finished quite a few things yesterday.  No pictures yet though – I want to wait until my partner has received her package.  I’d hate to ruin the surprise!!

Some of you might remember me writing about Ella’s quilt a while ago.  We had so much fun working together and her quilt turned out adorable!  Today her older sister, Abby, came over to start her quilt.  She had a fantastic time sorting through all of my juvenile prints containers.  She’s picked out her 54 different pieces and tomorrow we cut.  We’ll be using my Accuquilt Go! Cutter and the Rag Square die just like I did with Ella.  This is such a great way to make a quick & adorable quilt!


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