I got the most amazing donation for Central Ohio Binky Patrol the other day!  Let me give you a hint… came in a big box from Accuquilt!  Any guesses?  YEP!  They donated a Go! Cutter and lots of dies.  The actual kit they sent is called Go! Mix & Match 12″ Block Starter Set.  Here is a picture of the machine.

There are 8 additional dies and two additional mats that come with the Go! Cutter.  Here is a picture of all the dies and the mats.

They also considerately included a BIG bag of precut fabric shapes from a recent trade show.  I can’t wait to sort through all of these and start playing with the different shapes!  Here is a picture.

With my parents here visiting, I haven’t had a chance to play with any of this yet.  I can’t wait though!  I am so excited that Accuquilt decided to donate this wonderful product to my charity.  It is going to make the binky making process so much easier!  Thanks so much Accuquilt!!

Also, if any of you have any suggestions or tips on using my new cutter that would be awesome!  I know there are lots of other dies available so I’ll probably be wishing for them soon, but for now I want to get comfortable using the machine.  Plus, the dies that are included in the kit seem to be very useful and interchangeable.  Anyhow, send me your tips and tricks!


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