What Is A Swapless Swap & How Can I Join In On The Fun?!

I recently started a super fun Ravelry Group called Sock Yarn Minis/Scraps Swapping. I’d LOVE for all of you to join me over there! We’re motivating each other, answering questions, and swapping minis. We have both regular swaps and Swapless Swaps.

A Swapless Swap is where the participants pay me a fee to join (usually about $30), I order lots of yarn from an indie dyer or yarn shop, the yarn comes to me, I make them into lots & lots of mini skeins, then I swap them up and send them back to the participants. It’s a really awesome way to build a stash of minis from some amazing dyers!!

Basically I take a pile of yarn like this…

making mini skeins

And turn them all into adorable minis that make up the swap packages like this…

making mini skeinsI typically offer two different variations of a Swapless Swap – either a 5g or 10g one. With the 5 gram Swapless Swap, it is open to 20 participants and each one will end up with 20 different 5 gram minis. And with the 10 gram Swapless Swap, it is open to 10 participants and each one will end up with 10 different 10 gram minis. Sometimes I’ll even post both a 5g and 10g Swapless Swap for the same dyer, but with all different colorways. With those, if you were to sign up for both of them you’d end up with 30 different minis. Pretty great, right?!

A lot of us are using the minis to make Sock Yarn Blankies, but really you could use them to make anything you wanted. Even a “Frakensock” that is made up of all the minis from one dyer’s Swapless Swap. That would be pretty cool!

Here are a few of the dyers we’ve featured, or will be featuring, in Swapless Swaps – KnitMona, Groovy Hues, Knit Picks Hawthorne, Artistic Yarn by Abi, Socks that Rock Lightweight, Inner Yarn Zen, Lamby Toes, MadTosh Merino Light and lots more! Why not come join the group? You’ll be glad you did!! All you need to do is click HERE and request to join, and then you can check out the various threads to find all the open swaps. If it doesn’t say “FULL” then that means there are still spots available. We’re having a really great time and it’s a wonderfully supportive community!

Also, if you have any ideas for amazingly awesome indie dyers or yarn companies that would be perfect for a Swapless Swap, please leave their name & a link to their shop in the comments below. And, of course, if you yourself are an amazingly awesome indie dyer or yarn company and you’d like to be featured in a Swapless Swap, then leave your contact info down below for sure!! I’m currently working on planning out 2016 so there are lots of spots to fill!




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Erin Condren Life Planner and Notebook….My Newest Obsessions

plannerI tend to have a little bit of an addictive, obsessive personality. If I find something I like, I will most likely throw myself into it 110%. Can you say “overboard”?!? I can’t help it though! So my newest obsessions are Erin Condren Life Planner and Notebook. Have you heard of this awesome company?

They make some really beautiful tools to help with organizing your life. I love how colorful everything is. And they are all full of really great motivational quotes too. Plus, you have the option of personalizing your covers and even changing them out for new covers over time!

I’ve recently purchased the Erin Condren Life Planner and the Keep It Simple Notebook. They are both absolutely beautiful and so functional too. I haven’t totally jumped into the Life Planner yet. I’ll be honest, I’m holding off until I know exactly how I want to organize all the info. I don’t want to “mess up” my amazing new planner, lol.

But I have started using the Keep It Simple Notebook and so far I am loving it. As you know, I’ve started the Sock Yarn Minis/Scraps Swapping group on Facebook and it is flourishing. That’s awesome, of course, but that also means that I have A LOT of information I need to keep straight. I was originally going to try to keep track of everything in my Life Planner but once it arrived I realized that I had lots of other life & blog info I wanted to track in it as well. I figured I’d run out of room pretty quick.

plannerSo now I have a Keep It Simple Notebook that is dedicated to Mini Swapping business! It’s going to be great having all of that info in one place. I’m planning on creating a page for each Swapless and Regular Swap. I’ll put the name of the swap, the weight, and the due date at the top. Then I’ll list all the participants as they sign up and update the info when they pay or send in their packages. I will also track the amount of money collected, the yarn cost for me, when I receive the yarn, when the minis are made and when I’ve shipped the packages back out. Oh, and who the giveaway winners are too. Everything for that individual swap on one page! Perfect!

I knew that once I started using both the Erin Condren Life Planner and the Keep It Simple Notebook on a regular basis that I would quickly want to have them with me at all times. I discovered an awesome shop on Etsy, called The Silver Shed USA, that has just started making Planner Pouches. I couldn’t help myself! She was even willing to make a small adjustment of adding a little bit of a gusset so that I could fit both the planner and the notebook in my pouch. There is also a zippered pocket on the front, which is where I keep some pens and a roll or two of Washi tape.

plannerI am really loving my set up and am excited to see the possibilities. I’m sure there will be lots more planner related posts in my future! I’d love to hear your ideas for posts or even how you use your Erin Condren Life Planner or Keep It Simple Notebook. And, if you don’t have anything from Erin Condren but you wish you did then I have exciting news for you! Simply click HERE to set up an account with Erin Condren (it’s free!). After you’ve registered through the link, you’ll receive an email with $10 off your first purchase!!! Yep!! Have fun!


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Peppa Pig Birthday Party Ideas

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Peppa Pig birthday party supplies

Party with Peppa Pig! Treat your little one to a super celebration with this cute theme from the party experts at BirthdayExpress.com. Peppa Pig loves spending time with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, her little brother George, and all her friends! And we bet your little one loves spending time with them, too. So treat your son or daughter to a celebration the whole family will love with a Peppa Pig party!

Peppa Pig Party Supplies – You can get a complete Peppa Pig party at Birthday Express. If you’re not sure where to start, try a Peppa Pig Party in a Box. Simply select the number of little piggies attending your party and click “Get Started.” From there, select the Party in a Box that best suits your needs. Or, if your hosting a party for 8 guests or less, consider the Peppa Pig Value Party Pack. The Value Party Pack makes it easy for hosts with the most to get their child’s birthday celebration started! All of the basics have been bundled together in one convenient pack to make planning a cinch! Perfectly-sized for a party of 8 guests, this pack is big enough for a small gathering, as well as versatile enough so that extra place settings can be added without excess.

Peppa Pig Party Decorations – Sky Blue Matte Balloons, Pink Sparkle Star Foil Balloons, pink, white, and yellow crepe paper, sunflower yellow with white polka dot cone hats … Birthday Express has all the decor to make your Peppa Pig party perfect. For an extra bright party, check out the Pink or the Yellow Paper Decorating Kit! Guests are also sure to love the Peppa Pig Plastic Tablecover and the Red Foil Star Gleam ‘N Burst Centerpiece.

Peppa Pig Party Favors – Give each guest a Peppa Pig Filled Party Favor Box that comes complete with lots of themed sweets and treats! Set one out at each place setting or send home some fun with each guest as they leave – it’s the perfect way to say, “thank you,” for celebrating the birthday kid’s big day! Best of all, they are sturdy, easy to assemble, and priced just right! Or, you could make your own party favors using the Mimosa Striped Paper Treat Bags. You can fill them with crayons, candy, mini pinwheels, activity books, and more!

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