Get Your Kids Into New Hobbies With These Handy Hints

Some kids seem to get bored easily. They might struggle to develop friendships or get involved in group play. This can be really hard to watch for the parent too. One way to help your child find new interests is to offer opportunities to try new hobbies. You might already be noticing activities your child likes to do a lot. These can easily form the basis of a new hobby. For example, a passion for jumping around and tumbling could turn a gymnastics class into his favorite weekly activity.

Older children can also struggle with social relationships. Encouraging them to get involved in activities where all the participants share a common goal can help. Things like bowling can be a great hobby to take up. It can easily develop into club level league, providing a more competitive edge. This will encourage more team spirit and a sense of belonging for your child. Eventually, you might buy them their own bowling ball and become an active part of the coaching team!


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There are lots of other sports that young children can get involved with. Each of them could become a fun hobby or pastime that they may enjoy for years to come. Little Leagues, in particular, offer kids an opportunity to develop physical skills. It can be good for their social skills too. Letting your little one try out as many different sports and activities as possible gives them a chance to find what they really love doing. There are also choices for hobbies that your child can enjoy doing on their own.

Music is considered a valuable pastime for young children. Learning to play a musical instrument is thought to support other areas of a child’s education too. It isn’t easy, though. And music tuition can be very expensive. However, if your child has a natural ability here, chances are they’ll find it becomes a passion for life. Just like sports, kids can enter competitions. They can play music together and even gain recognized qualifications. Or they can just enjoy the creative outlet!


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Kids have to read for school. But some children love to read for fun. There are thousands of books out there for every age group. You can usually do a search online at the Kindle store for different themes and genres by age. And many eBooks are free to download and read as often as you like. You might worry that reading isn’t a very active thing to do. But all kids need some quiet time too. And you can always balance the time spent sitting with more energetic activities they might have read about!

You can usually spot a creative child from quite a young age. They might tell you tall tales. Or maybe they like to draw and paint. Building with blocks and tea parties with Ted can also be signs your child has an active imagination and creative streak. It’s often a good idea to find productive hobbies to nurture these natural skills. Write a story. Make a doll’s house. Find out what your child can learn to love as a hobby today.

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Does Your Child Have Too Many Toys? 8 Alternative Gift Ideas!

If your home is overflowing with toys – half of which your kids never play with, you probably aren’t too keen on buying more toys for their birthday. If every area of your home’s storage is already packed with toys and games, this is perfectly reasonable. After all, there’s no point wasting money on more toys when your little ones already have more than enough.

So, you’ve decided not to buy your little ones any more toys – at least not for the foreseeable future. The question is, what does that mean when it comes to choosing gifts for them? Are they going to be left disappointed or are there other gifts that they’ll love and appreciate just as much as receiving new toys?

To help you make your child’s next birthday special, below are eight toy gift alternatives that any child is sure to love.


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  1. Put money into a savings account

One option is to save the money that you would spend on buying toys and put it into a savings account for when your child is older. Admittedly, this might not be the most fun gift idea, but when they turn 18, they’ll be incredibly grateful for it. Plus, you can always pick out some little treats to wrap up for the day itself, so that they’re not disappointed. It’s much better to save the money for your child’s future, rather than wasting it on more toys that they don’t need.

  1. Membership to local attraction

Is your child always pestering you to take them to the local zoo or theme park? Then a perfect birthday gift could be an annual membership card so that you can visit as often as they like. By giving them a membership to a local attraction, you’ll be providing them with free access to their favorite place. Plus having a membership card allows you to spend lots of quality time together doing something that your child loves.

  1. Magazine subscription

How about spending the money that you would have spent on toys on a magazine subscription? Whether your child already has a favorite magazine or there’s one that you think they would love, it doesn’t matter. Pick out a magazine that you know is a good fit for your child and get them a 12-month subscription to it. Not only will they have something new and interesting to read each month, but they’ll also have monthly mail to look forward to.

  1. Classes

Does your child have a passion for horse riding, a love of music, or a keen interest in sport? Then why not use their birthday as a chance to encourage that? Instead of buying them toys, invest in their passion and get them classes for the thing that they love most. Giving your child the chance to master the skills to become a better dancer or to ride a horse is a great gift, and one that they’re sure to appreciate.


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  1. Clothing

How about treating them to clothing for their birthday? This might seem a little boring, but if they’re into how they look and like to dress a certain way, clothing can make a fantastic gift. Or, if you think that they would prefer to choose the items themselves, then perhaps you could get them a gift card for their favorite store. That way they could pick out their own clothing. If you want to get them unique items, have them custom made. There are various sites that offer this service, such as

  1. A new bedroom

Is the birthday boy or girl always moaning that their bedroom isn’t as cool as their friends’ rooms? Then, how about doing up their bedroom for their birthday? Spend some time redecorating their room in their chosen style and design, and treat them to some new furniture and accessories. Whether they want a Spiderman-themed room or a fairy princess room, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you create them a space that they will love. To get some ideas, use resources like

  1. A camera

Does your child always want to use your phone to take photos? Then, how about getting them a camera for their birthday? A lot of children love photography, and so, would appreciate getting a camera as a birthday gift. There are various camera designs to choose from, including many made especially for kids. So, if you think that your child would enjoy playing around with a camera, this could make the perfect birthday gift. If your child is young, make sure to pick out a camera designed for their age, to ensure that it’s sturdy enough for them. As the last thing you want is for their camera to break after just a few times of using it, so it’s important to choose an age appropriate model.

  1. A watch

Does your child have a watch? If the answer is no, then perhaps a watch could make the perfect birthday gift for them? Not only does having a watch help kids to understand how long a period of time is, but it can also help them to feel more independent. There are various watch designs and styles to choose from, from watches made for toddlers to designs made for older children. So, whatever the age of your child, there’s sure to be a suitable watch for them. A word to the wise, make sure to pick a model that’s waterproof. Just in case your little one forgets that they’re wearing it and gets in the shower or pool with it on.

So there you have it, eight birthday gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys. Although kids love getting toys, when your house is already packed full of them, buying more can seem like a waste. After all, there are so many other gifts that you can get them, as demonstrated above. So, the next time you’re gift shopping, remember it’s not just toys that make the best presents. There are so many other options that your kids are sure to love.

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Holiday Craft Ideas For Things You Will Want To Use Again and Again

With the holidays around the corner, it will soon be time to get decorating around the house. I’m sure you have some decorations and accessories that you bring out year after year. It can be fun to make some new ones too, though. Stuck for ideas or inspiration? Here are some Christmas craft ideas that you will actually want to use again.



Tree Skirt

Having a Christmas tree up in the house can look amazing. It is a fun tradition to have each year and fun to decorate as a family. But if you don’t have a tree skirt, it can look a little awkward. It looks prettier for when gifts are placed under it. On a practical side, it is much easier to clean up the dropped pine needles if there is a tree skirt. There are lots of tutorials online for how to make them. You could even choose a new sew version. I personally like to get my genuine singer sewing machine out and applique some bits on regardless. Do you have a tree skirt at the moment?

Fabric Baubles

If you are a keen crafter, you will no doubt have lots of leftover scraps of fabric. One way to use them up is to make some fabric baubles. You could stuff them with wadding or cotton wool so that they don’t collapse. But they will make something really unique and special. If you’d rather not use up your scraps of fabric, then you could just get some that you’d like to use. If you pick colors to match your tree decorations, you will want to use them year after year.

Advent Calendar

If you prefer a craft that is a little simpler, then how about making yourself an advent calendar? An easy way to do that is to get yourself a fabric shoe rack. Do you know the one I mean, where it might hang on a door? Obviously look for one with twenty-four spaces in. If it only had twelve, you could always get divide the pockets up using a sewing machine. But then the fun can start. Using fabric glues, applique, and sequins, you can decorate the advent calendar to look just as you’d like it. If you’ve got children, they could get involved with the decorating too. Then you can roll it up and store it, and bring it out each year.


It isn’t Christmas without stockings by the fire. So why not make some of your own? If you are a bit of a beginner with sewing, then this is a really easy craft to start with. The pattern is really simple and the stitches needed aren’t complex at all. You can get creative with fancy fabrics and decorations to make them all unique. You could sew names on, or use fabric glue or pens.

Have you got any crafts planned for this season? I’d love to hear what you are planning. It is such a fun time of year for crafts.

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