Things To Bear In Mind If You’re Thinking About Purchasing an RV


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You love the feeling of the wind in your hair. Your perfect view is a long, winding highway ahead. You get bored staying in one spot and are happiest when you’re on the move. If all of these things sound familiar, chances are you’d be interested in purchasing an RV. However, it’s not as simple as popping to your local store and picking one up. This will be a huge investment for you and your family so you have a lot of things to consider before putting your hand in your pocket.


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What Kind Of Things Are You Going To Do?

The idea of the perfect camping adventure can range drastically from person to person. For some, it would be a long weekend. For others, the timespan could be indefinite. If you’re only going away for a few days with one other person, you’ll only need sufficient space for two people’s belongings. If you’re heading off for weeks at a time with an entire family, then you’re going to need something a lot bigger. Consider the people you will be travelling with.Their ages, their sizes. Where are you going? How many belongings will they be bringing? What kind of belongings will be packed? For a good holiday, you will need to ensure that everyone is comfortable and happy.

The Seven Types Of Motorhome

Motorhomes fall into seven different categories. It sounds a lot but the differences will become more and more apparent the more research you do. The seven types of motorhome are: Class A Motorhomes, Class B Motorhomes, Class C Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheel Trailers, Pop Up Trailers, SURV Trailers and Truck Campers. For now, we’ll just go through the most popular types that the most people find efficient. If you are buying or hiring an RV, make sure the company are reliable and you see the vehicle in person before purchasing. Companies such as Windish RV Centre are a good option to consider.

Class A

These are, predictably, the top of the range when it comes to motorhomes. They can accommodate a large family. Not only will it accommodate them, but they’ll be travelling in style. There will be a kitchen, seating, worktops, dinner tables. The works.

Class B

A Class B motorhome isn’t as extravagant as the Class A. However, it is more compact and easier to handle. It will have all of your necessary amenities such as a kitchen, toilet and shower. They will also have a few home comforts, such as a TV.

Class C

A Class C doesn’t fall below a B. It is more like a hybrid between Class A and Class B. These are very popular to rent. They can home a whole family, but are easy to drive and smaller than the Class A.

Travel Trailers

These are sturdy, reliable and lightweight. They are towed by your car. This is advantageous, as it means you can unattach the trailer when you arrive at your destination and explore in your vehicle without the added weight of a miniature home on the back.

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Craft Materials Don’t Have To Cost The Earth!

If you’re anything like me, you get excited when it is time to purchase the materials your want for a new project. In fact, it can get to be a bit of an obsession!

It is so easy to spend lots of time in the evening browsing new bits and pieces for future projects.  But when you come to add up the whole cost of what you want, it is astronomical! But don’t stress! Check out my tip below for some cheaper ways to get your craft fix.


Firstly if you have a yarn addiction, then you’ll know that it’s pretty hard to pass up that amazing ball that they have just brought out.  The problem is that one ball is rarely enough to complete any project. So you have to play it on the safe side and get at least a few balls to make sure you have enough. Then, of course, you have to find somewhere to store all your yarn.


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While there are some fantastically creative ways to keep your wool organized, it might be better to lay off the yarn shopping for a while. But this doesn’t mean that you have only to use the wool that you already have.

You can cut up old t-shirts to make jersey yarn, perfect for chunky blankets or rugs.  Or you can even save some serious money by buying old jumpers in the goodwill shop. Then unravel them to use the yarn again. Just make sure that you give them a good wash and dry before you do this.


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Paper Mache

Another great way of being crafty with things that would normally just get thrown out is papier-mache. This French art involves making objects out of torn up paper soaked in a glue mix. It’s a brilliant way of using up all your paper recycling.


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You can make all sorts of things from papier-mache from decorative wall hangings to bowls. You can even use it for more complicated sculptures if you make a wire armature to go inside. This gives the model a structure and helps the weight of your sculpture to be held up when it’s dry.


You can also feed you craft habit without breaking your budget by looking out for coupons and vouchers. Michaels promo codes are widely available on the internet. You can also search your local publications for clip and save coupons which will help you get your overall spend on craft materials down.


Upcycling is great for the environment because it gives a new lease of life to an item that would have otherwise been discarded.  It’s also great for your creativity because upcycling a piece of furniture will challenge you to both repair and redecorate it.


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You can get second-hand furniture cheap from yard sales or auction site and stun them into OOAK pieces that are bespoke to your home. For some guidance on how to do this go here.

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Trying Out Brooklyn Bedding!

brooklynbeddingHave you heard of Brooklyn Bedding? They are one of the many “bed in a box” companies. I have to admit that this whole idea was pretty new to me. You order your mattress online, they ship it to you, it comes in a box like the photo above, you set up the bed and it quickly decompresses to a regular sized mattress. According to Brooklyn Bedding it is the #bestmattressever! My hubby and I are really hoping it’s true.

Our current bed, an expensive Sleep Number bed, just isn’t working out. He has a terrible time sleeping. He never sleeps through the whole night & usually ends up in the Lazy Boy chair multiple times throughout the night.  He has a lot of pain in his back, as well as all of his joints and pressure points. From all of the research I’ve done online a memory foam mattress is the best thing for him. Unfortunately, I just didn’t want to go with one of those. We’ve slept on memory foam mattresses before at various hotels and I didn’t like them very well. It felt like I was sleeping in quicksand and fighting the mattress to turn over.

But then I heard about Brooklyn Bedding and decided to give them a try. Their mattresses are made with latex foam, which gives all the benefits of memory foam but is also bouncy so it doesn’t feel like quicksand. That means that hopefully Tom will be able to sleep soundly and I won’t be fighting the mattress all night! And the cool thing about Brooklyn Bedding is that you get a whole 120 nights to sleep on the mattress and decide if it is right for you. If we love it then we will keep it & if we don’t then we can return it for a 100% refund. Pretty awesome, right?!?

So now for some cool pictures of the process of getting the mattress set up. First was the “job” of dragging it upstairs. this box is heavy – about 100 pounds! But luckily I have a big, strong husband, lol! He got it into our room just fine…

brooklyn bedding

Peeking inside the box was fun because it is so hard to believe that a queen sized mattress is actually inside there! But it is…

brooklyn bedding

So we got the box up onto the bed frame, pulled out the bundle, and started cutting off the plastic wrapping. Almost immediately it started decompressing. It was so cool!! And within minutes it was pretty much at a traditional queen mattress size!

brooklyn bedding 14330167_10155101715884881_4546485009967217894_n

Really, really neat! A few hours later, after we’d had dinner, we came up to cuddle & watch some television. Already I can tell that it is much softer and bouncier than our other mattress. It feels great! The true test, of course, will be after sleeping on it for a few nights. Brooklyn Bedding recommends giving our bodies atleast 30 nights to adjust before we make a decision. And, of course, we’re totally encouraged to take the entire 120 nights if necessary.

I’ll be sure to update you as we go through the next few days/weeks of trying out our new mattress from Brooklyn Bedding! If any of you have ever tried, or are currently using, a “bed in a box” I would love to hear about it!




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