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Come check out the new A Life Full of Laughter Shop! We will be selling destash yarn, handmade items, hand dyed yarn, project bags and stitch markers! You’re bound to find something you love!

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Create Your Own Personal Sock Yarn Club

personal sock yarn clubI’m so excited that 2015 is going to be the year of loving and using my stash!! One idea I have is to make a Personal Sock Yarn Club for the year. I’ve heard on my favorite podcasts where they do this and love the idea. They usually get 12 brown paper bags, put random skeins of sock yarn in each bag. Then, throughout the year, they choose a bag and use that yarn to knit a pair of socks.

I like the idea but decided to tweak it some. Mainly because I really want to have Christmas socks to wear in December, fall socks to wear in October/November, and so on. But I don’t think of it until that month or season is upon me, then it’s too short of notice to actually knit the socks.

So….I got 12 brown paper bags and labeled them with each month. Then, for instance, I chose some Christmas yarn and put it in either September or October’s bag. That gives me enough time to actually finish them in time for the holiday/season that I want to wear them in. That’s all there is to creating your own Personal Sock Yarn Club!

I’m having a ball with it so far! Here are my January socks, which I actually finished on January 17! They are made from Knit Picks Felici yarn and will be perfect to wear on Valentine’s Day!

personal sock yarn clubI’ve started my February socks but they aren’t finished yet. It’s only February 16 so I still havesome time to get them finished. My birthday is in March and my favorite color is green. It made perfect sense to go with this beautiful yarn from Fiddle Knits.

personal sock yarn clubMy progress so far….

personal sock yarn clubWhat do you all think? Have you ever done a Personal Sock Yarn Club? And do you ever have problems with thinking of knitting holiday or seasonal socks but think of them too close to the holiday? I’d love for you to join in the journey! We even have a thread going on the Ravelry group where you can post pictures of your progress. And, of course, I’ve come up with a fun hashtag to make finding each other easier. Simply use #personalsockyarnclub on all your social media posts! Have fun!


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Happy Valentine’s Day

So, today is Valentine’s Day.  Do any of you have any fun plans?  Are you hoping to get a great present or a special night out?  I totally understand!  That’s natural.  But for me, this Valentine’s Day is going to be about not expecting anything.  It’s going to be about simply relaxing and enjoying my husband, regardless of what he does or doesn’t do.

The truth is, if I can be completely candid, that we celebrate our love everyday.  That is what Valentine’s Day really is….a celebration of your love.  I’m blessed enough to have a man in my life that is happy to show me how much he loves me every single day.  He’s constantly complimenting me, telling me how lucky he is, doing wonderfully nice things for me, offering all the affection I could ever ask for, and taking care of me whenever he is able.  He loves me so much & I don’t need some chocolates to feel that love.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Valentine’s Day is awesome.  If he decides the wants to go on a special date tonight or surprises me with a card or gift, that’s fantastic!  But I also won’t be disappointed, or wonder about his love for me, if he doesn’t.

I guess I’m just saying that even though Valentine’s Day is a fun excuse to be all cuddly and mushy don’t give it too much power.  Don’t have too high of expectations from your husband, it’s a lot of pressure for him. And don’t fall into the trap of thinking that how much love he has for you is shown in what he does for Valentine’s Day. After all, it really is just one day and we should be enjoying cuddly and mushy days all the time!



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