Introducing My Sock Yarn Blankie!

sock yarn blankieI have a new addiction!! I am completely and utterly addicted to my Sock Yarn Blankie! And to the minis that I need to knit it!! Oh my goodness…this is the most fun I’ve ever had with my knitting! Have you started one? If not, I really think you should!

My Sock Yarn Blankie is knit completely out of fingering weight scraps. I’m using all the scraps from items I’ve knit myself as well as trading with other knitters. I’m using the Knitted Patchwork Recipe pattern but there are many other miter square patterns available. I just like the way she does her decreases and decided to go with that pattern. I did make a couple small modifications though. The pattern does call for using a US 2 needle but I’m using a US 2.5 since I tend to knit a little tight. She also says to cast on 32 stitches total but I wanted a little bigger squares so I’m casting on 40 stitches. All the squares are joined as I go, that means I won’t have to be seaming all this little things together later. Yay for that!

I’m planning on making my Sock Yarn Blankie super, super big. I want to be able to curl up underneath it with my hubby. That, of course, means I’ll be needing lots and lots of mini skeins or scraps. I only need about 5 grams per square so that isn’t much yarn at all. I’m always open to swapping or simply taking scraps off your hands, lol!! Leave me a comment if you’d like to contribute. I’ve also started a fun Facebook group for all of us to share, talk, support, motive and SWAP MINIS! We’ll be setting up lots of organized swaps, our current one is a Green Mini Swap, as well as holding individual trades. It’s lots of fun!  You can join us HERE if you’d like! And, be sure to include the hashtag – #fbsysg – to all your posts! :)

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Introducing the Cricut Explore One

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If you’re new to the wonderful world of crafting — or even if you consider yourself to be more of a “basic” crafter — then Cricut’s brand new machine is just for you! This nifty new machine is called the Cricut Explore One™ and it’s perfect for crafing beginners and basic crafters because it offers a simplified design-and-cut system that is incredibly user-friendly. The Explore One™ actually offers most of the same features as Cricut’s other Explore machines, it’s just priced lower!

In addition to its affordable price, here are a few other things about the Cricut Explore One™ that you’re sure to love:

  • It can cut over 60 different materials, from the most delicate materials like vellum to thicker things like leather. It can also cut cardstock, vinyl, fabric, balsa wood, leather, and more…without complicated settings.
  • You’ll have free access to Cricut’s Design Space™ online software and iPad® app so you’ll able to design on your computer or your Pad®. You’ll also be able to use a Bluetooth® adapter for wireless cutting.
  • The Explore One allows you to cut a wide range of shapes and sizes with exceptional precision, from ¼” tall up to 11½” wide x 23½” tall. You just select the material that you’re using on the Smart Set® dial. From there, the machine’s Cut Smart® technology will deliver a clean, professional cut.
  • You can upload your own images and use your own fonts — for free!
  • Each machine comes with over 25 free 1-click projects and 50+ free images to get them started right away.
  • If you want to use the machine to write or score, you can easily swap out the cutting cartridge with the Cricut Explore One™ Accessory Adapter and Pen.

The Cricut Explore One™ makes it easy, fast, and affordable for you to explore your creativity and delight your loved ones with personal handmade projects and gifts! And if you purchase your very own Cricut Explore One™ before the end of May – you’ll get free shipping when you use code MAYSHIP!

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Personal Sock Yarn Club Update

personal sock yarn clubIt’s been a few months since I posted about my Personal Sock Yarn Club so I thought I’d do an update. I’ve been keeping up! I’m just about ready to start the heels on my May socks but we’ll get to those later. First, though, I’d love to share all my progress up to this point!

personal sock yarn clubMy January socks were knit out of Knit Picks Felici yarn in the Sweetheart colorway. I chose this yarn because I felt they would be perfect Valentine’s Day socks! I just did my standard vanilla sock pattern, using the Fish Lips Kiss heel, on US 2 needles. I started them on January 1 and finished them on January 17.

personal sock yarn clubMy February socks were knit out of Fiddle Knits Dye-A-Tonic yarn in the Mystery colorway. I chose this yarn because my birthday is in March and my very favorite color is green – it just made sense! Again, I used my standard vanilla sock pattern, using the Fish Lips Kiss heel, but this time I decided to try out a US 1.5 needle instead. I started them on February 4 and finished them on February 27.

personal sock yarn clubMy March socks are a little different because they weren’t for me. My sister in law, who lives in Florida, saw some pictures of my sock knitting on Instagram and asked if I’d knit socks for her kids. Sure!! The yarn that was in my March bag was so girly that I thought it would be perfect for my niece. The yarn is Knit Picks Felici in the Jellybean colorway. Because my niece is still growing I decided to go with the Tube Socks for Kids pattern and I used a US 2 needle. I started them March 1 and finished them March 29.

personal sock yarn clubMy April socks were just what the doctor ordered! I was feeling down in the dumps and needed something bright and fun to pep me up. The was Knitted to a T Merino/Nylon in the Primary colorway. I really enjoyed the way the pooling changed throughout the sock as my stitch count changed! I knit them using my standard vanilla sock pattern, with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, on a US 2 needle. I was naughty and started them a little early, lol! I started them March 30 and finished them April 10.

personal sock yarn clubMy May socks are coming along nicely so far! I’m very close to turning the heel, which is always exciting. The yarn is Knitterly Things Vesper Sock in the Venus in Furs colorway. This is really awesome yarn to work with!! As always, I’m knitting them with my standard vanilla sock pattern, using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, but I went with a US 2.5 needle this time. Hopefully they aren’t too loose! I was naughty again this month and actually started them on April 30. I’m sure they’ll be finished before the end of May!

So….that’s the update on my Personal Sock Yarn Club. I’ve really been having fun with it! Are you participating? Did you create your own sock club? I’d love to hear about it if you did!! And, if you’re on any social media sites, be sure to tag your posts/projects/pictures with #personalsockyarnclub so we can all find you!


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