Amazon Daily Deals for 10/30/14

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amazon daily deals

Amazon Daily Deals happen often, but they are so hard to catch because they’re gone in a flash! But with this awesome preview list we can know what to look for. I’d like to thank Freetail Therapy for providing this fantastic list! And, the best part is that you can check back each morning for a preview list of upcoming deals.

Shipping is something that changes constantly on Amazon, but it isn’t something that you need to worry about if you are an Amazon Prime member, since you will FREE 2 Day Shipping. If you are not already a member, you can grab a FREE 30 day trial. It can’t hurt, and even if you decide to cancel, you will have gotten that free shipping for a whole month!

With Amazon Prime, you can get access to the deals marked with a * 30 minutes earlier than shown below.

Daily Deal

Deal of the Day

69% or More Off the Schlage Camelot Keypad Flex Lock

The Schlage FE595 Camelot keypad flex lock provides customizable keyless access to fit your security needs. It’s ideal for exterior, side, or garage entry doors, and able to switch from automatic relocking to unlocked as needed. Add, change, or delete user codes quickly to enable secure access to your home.


Bonus Deal of the Day

$29.99–$39.99 Armitron Watches

Today’s Lightning Deals


9:30 AM EST

10:00 AM EST

1:30 PM EST

2:00 PM EST

2:30 PM EST

3:00 PM EST

3:30 PM EST

4:00 PM EST

4:30 PM EST

5:00 PM EST

5:30 PM EST

6:00 AM EST

6:30 PM EST

7:00 PM EST

7:30 PM EST

8:00 PM EST

8:30 PM EST

9:00 PM EST

10:00 PM EST

10:30 PM EST

11:00 PM EST

11:30 PM EST

Early Preview List for Deals Starting Tomorrow

12:00 Midnight EST

12:30 AM EST

1:00 AM EST

1:30 AM EST

2:00 AM EST

2:30 AM EST

6:00 AM EST

6:30 AM EST

11:30 AM EST

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Socks on a Bannister

knittingIsn’t that lovely?! This is the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning…what a wonderful sight! These are all of my hand knit socks drying from their “bath” the night before. I love how bright and beautiful they are.

There are a total of nine pairs hanging out to dry, plus I have two more pairs in my dresser. I love knitting socks! As a matter of fact, I currently have five other pairs on the needles. One of which are going to be for my daughter. If she gets as addicted to wearing hand knit socks as I am then I may really be in trouble!

Although I’ve tried using double point needles, my favorite method is using a long, circular needle and doing Magic Loop. As far as toe up or cuff down, I like doing both. Of the socks on my needles right now, they are pretty much split right down the middle with toe up or cuff down. Same with heels, I like to do lots of different heels. Personally, for my foot, I think I like the way a traditional heel flap and gusset fits. But I’m open and happy to try lots of different ones. One thing that is a “hard and fast rule” for my sock knitting, though, is that I do them two at a time. I know myself and I know that I’d be struck with second sock syndrome if I didn’t knit both at the same time!

How about you? Do you knit socks? If so, how many pairs have you knit? Do you keep most of them for yourself or share them with others? Do you use DPNs or Magic Loop? Toe up or cuff down? Two at a time or singles? I’d love to hear about your sock knitting!



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Sleep Better with 50% Off Nature’s Sleep

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Nobody wants to wake up with neck and back pain! Did you know that a bad pillow can cause you to wake up with neck pain and back pain, and exacerbate existing pain? Many people are opting for gel memory foam pillows to help rectify an uncomfortable problem. Gel memory foams contour to the shape of your head and neck, giving you optimum support that’s unique to your body shape. If you suffer from neck and back pain after waking up in the morning, a bad pillow is probably the culprit. It’s a wise decision to invest in a better pillow before the problem worsens! Nature’s Sleep just released a new gel memory foam pillow that is ideal for sufferers of neck and back pain. To make the deal even sweeter, you get free shipping too! Redeem coupon code BEARS50 to get 50% off your new gel memory foam pillow. Valid in the continental US only.

As a bonus, this code is available on ALL Nature’s Sleep products site wide!!

Using propriety Advanced Gel Technology, (AGT), gel beads are infused into finest-quality memory foam. The gel-infused memory foam provides you with superior comfort and support right where you want it and exactly where you need it. The Vitex Gel Memory Foam Pillow naturally conforms to your body weight and temperature, and evenly distributes weight to relieve pressure points and reduce pain for a better night’s sleep. This makes it the ideal pillow for those that suffer from illnesses that cause sleeplessness.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your new gel memory foam pillow from Nature’s Sleep, and start getting the best night’s sleep of your life!

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A Destash Is Good For the Soul


destashI’m sure you all remember my “Wall of Yarn”. It’s almost like a piece of art, in my opinion! But, as you know, I’ve been working very hard at destashing all the yarns I knew I wouldn’t ever use. It has been a truly interesting process for me. It was eye opening to go through my stash. I was shocked by the various skeins that I’d accumulated. It’s hard to even remember where they all came from.

I was also very surprised by the amount of anxiety I felt as I began the process. I think in some ways my stash has become my “security blanket”. It makes me feel safe and comfortable. That may sound crazy to a non crafter, but if you are like me you totally understand. There is something reassuring about knowing I have a great number of skeins of yarn at my finger tips. So I did feel anxiety when I decided it was time to part with some of them. But then, amazingly enough, I discovered that the entire process could be very freeing and very empowering.

It’s almost as if I’ve reawakened my love of knitting and yarn. I’m more excited now about my stash than I’ve been in a long time. I had yarns in my stash that I knew I’d never knit and they made me feel guilty. It is a waste for them to be languishing in my stash when someone out in the world would love to knit or crochet with them. Alot of those yarns have now found new homes, some have even already been knit into something beautiful by their new owners!

The destashing frenzy has slowed down considerably. I still have lots of yarns available for sale – come check them out HERE! But, for the most part, the selling has slowed to a steady trickle. As of today, I have sold 395 skeins of yarn – that is about 53,000 yards of yarn! Amazing!!! My “Wall of Yarn” is getting pretty bare…destash


But don’t worry because I have lots and lots of yarn that needs photographed, documented on Ravelry, and added to the cubbies. I’ve been spending a great deal of my earnings from the destash on new yarn. But the difference this time around is that I know I’m going to LOVE knitting with the yarns in my “Wall of Yarn”. I’ve been smart about what I’ve purchased. I promise to write another post, with pictures of course, once the cubbies are all full and pretty again.

Do you have a big stash? Or actually any size stash? If there are yarns in your stash that are weighing you down, making you feel guilty, or that you don’t absolutely love, then I highly recommend you consider a destash. Give those yarns a chance to go to someone who will love and use them. You’ll make a little money, and you’ll feel so much lighter!



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