Advice For Spending A Week Camping In The Great Outdoors

If you’ve decided that you want to spend some time in the great outdoors this summer, it’s important that you know what you’re doing. Camping holidays can be a lot of fun, as long as you do adequate research and planning, that is. From taking the time to choose the perfect location, to ensuring you pack all the most essential items, planning a camping trip takes time. Don’t rush things; else you may end up not enjoying your time away. To help make your trip in the great outdoors more enjoyable, here’s everything you need to know.


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Take your comfort into account

If you’re planning on camping for more than a couple of nights, it’s crucial to take yours’ and your travel buddies comfort into account. Camping can be a great way to get away and spend some time outside. However, it can also be uncomfortable and unenjoyable, if you aren’t smart about planning, that is. If the idea of rain isn’t all that appealing when sleeping in a tent and cooking outside, perhaps an RV could be a good option. That way, you wouldn’t need to stress about the weather, or unpacking and packing up your tent at each location. Travelling via RV could be an easier and more comfortable option. It just depends if your budget can stretch that far. The good news is not all RVs are expensive, you can buy affordable motorhomes online.

Staying in one place can get dull

While it can be nice to stay in one place for a few days, after a while, it can get a little dull. Once you’ve seen and done everything that the area has to offer, it can sometimes be best to move onto somewhere new. That’s the beauty of camping – when you get bored you can pack up and move to a new location. You don’t just have to stay in once place; you can explore lots of different locations. The US has some amazing camping locations; it’s just a case of researching all the best ones.

Map out a route in advance

Of course, if you plan on exploring lots of different places, it’s important to map out a route in advance. This is not only so that you can book your pitches in advance, but also so that you can research what’s on offer in the area. The last thing you want to do is move to another location, only to find that there’s very little to see and do there. That’s why it’s a good idea to research the best camping locations in advance so that you can pick the places that have the most to offer. Some of the best places for camping in the US for instance, are Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe and The Grand Canyon.

Don’t forget to pack things to keep you occupied

As well as packing all the essentials, don’t forget to pack a few bits and bobs to keep you occupied. Things like a book, headphones for playing music, a tablet, a Kindle, and perhaps some board and card games, are all ideal.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about planning a camping trip in the great outdoors.

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Vacation Knitting Plans

Sometimes you just really need to visit your mom and dad! That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately so Tom & I decided to do a super short notice trip to go see them. Yay! We leave tomorrow morning and we’ll be gone for a week. We’re staying one night in Horse Cave, KY, and touring Mammoth Cave. Then we’ll make our way on down to Meridian, MS to see my parents. That’s a total drive of 11 hours down and then 11 hours home. Not to mention all of the time we’re there visiting. That means lots and lots of knitting! I’m so excited to get away with my hubby and to visit my parents. It’ll be a super nice trip!

Of course the vacation knitting plans have all been decided too, lol. I am bringing three pairs of socks to hopefully finish and the beautiful Cheeseburger yarn from Artistic Yarn by Abi to hopefully cast on!! The Michigan socks are from Poste Yarn & I started them on October 24, 2015. The rainbow socks are from Leading Men Fiber Arts & I started them January 28, 2016. And the green socks are from Destination Yarn & I started them March 14, 2016. I’ve added a progress keeper on each of them to see how much I knit. The original plan was to finish all three pairs before I started the Cheeseburger socks. But now, lol, I’m thinking I may end up adjusting it to finishing one pair of socks before I start the Cheeseburger socks. We’ll see, lol!!

Here is my “before” picture…

vacation knitting

I’ll be sure to post an “after” picture when we get back home. Hopefully I get lots of knitting time on our trip! :)



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All About Ashley’s Sock Yarn Blankie

Have you ever had a project that you are literally completely & utterly addicted to? I sure do!! It’s Ashley’s Sock Yarn Blankie. I don’t want to knit on anything else. I used to be so addicted to knitting socks, and I probably will come back to them at some point, but right now all I can think about is Ashley’s Sock Yarn Blankie! Here is the latest picture….

sock yarn blankie

It’s amazing, right?!? I’m using the Knitted Patchwork Recipe on Ravelry but I did make a few modifications. First, I’m using a US 2.5 (3.0 mm) needle. I’m actually using two Signature double pointed needles and they are amazing! I think they might be part of why I love working on this project so much. Anyhow, I’m using a little bigger needle than called for in the pattern because I tend to knit tightly.

Also, I’m casting on 60 stitches for each square. I figure the larger squares will help Ashley’s Sock Yarn Blankie grow a little faster, which is good if I’d like to finish this before Ashley is 30 (she’s 23 now, lol!). I also thought that the larger squares would be a great way to showcase some of the 40 yard minis I get from various swapless swaps on my group, Sock Yarn Swappers.

By the way, if you’re working on a Sock Yarn Blankie and need more minis then I would totally suggest you check out the Sock Yarn Swappers group over on Ravelry. I have a TON of awesome swapless swaps posted currently, with lots of great ones in the works as well. You simply sign up for the dyers you are interested in, pay the fee, and then I make & send you the minis. It’s a great way to build your mini skein stash.

So anyhow, back to to the modifications I’m doing on Ashley’s Sock Yarn Blankie. The last modification is in regards to how I’m making the edges look, which makes picking up stitches so much easier.  Regardless of whether I’m knitting on a right side or a wrong side, I slip the first stitch as if to purl with the yarn in the front & I knit through the back loop on the last stitch. This creates a set of “v” looking stitches that run down the edges and are very easy to pick up.

Speaking of picking up stitches, in case you aren’t familiar with this particular pattern that is how you connect all the squares. Instead of having to stitch them together later, you simply pick up stitches from the previous square as you’re adding a new square. If you’re adding a square on the edge of the blanket then you also have to cast on a few stitches.

You might have noticed the stitch markers in the picture above. I’m using those as a way to track how many squares I make each month. At the end of the month (or when I remember, lol), I’ll count & remove the stitch markers and update my Ravelry page. Then I’ll start over for the next month.

Speaking of tracking my progress, I also created this page in my planner as a way of visually seeing how I’m progressing…

sock yarn blankie

Each month, when I update my Ravelry page I will also color in the number of squares I’ve completed. Once all the squares are colored in that means Ashley’s Sock Yarn Blankie is finished! I’m hoping to end up with it being about a full/double size blanket. As you can see, I have a total of 204 squares to make, lol!

If you’re addicted to a Sock Yarn Blankie like I am then I would love to hear about it! And if you haven’t started one then I would highly recommend that you do. It’s so much fun and so addictive. Plus, if you’re like me and you LOVE to start new projects this might be just the ticket. Every squares feels sorta like a new project since you’re using new yarn! Also, be sure check out my post about the Summer of Squares KAL that is going on as well! It’s loads of fun!



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