How To Plan A Family Adventure Holiday: A Simple Guide

Are you bored or going on family beach holidays year after year? Do you want to give the kids a vacation with a difference? This year are you feeling inspired to do something unique? Yes – then you are in the right place.

Planning a family vacation, regardless of the type of trip you want, can be tough. Especially, when you have to think about everyone else’s needs, as well as your own.

If you are an active family that enjoys being outdoors, then an adventure holiday might be perfect for you. Adventure vacations are not only fun and memorable, but also the perfect way to let loose and get rid of any stress.

If the idea of organizing an adventure holiday for this year’s summer vacation interest you, then make sure to have a read of this.

Choose a destination

Just like when planning a regular summer vacation, one of the most important things to consider is the destination. Ask yourself, where would you like to go? When you think about this, the thing to remember is that the destination you pick will determine what activities you can do.

If, for example, the idea of a canoeing adventure interests you, then taking a trip to Turkey would be ideal. Canoeing down the Xanthos River is the perfect family adventure, just as long as everyone can swim; that is.

1405413_0bf195e5Picture source

If your children are young and aren’t strong swimmers, then an adventure cycling holiday in France might be a better match. As long as everyone can cycle to a decent standard and is confident on the roads, then an adventure cycling trip is ideal.

These are just a couple of ideas; there are so many inspiring holidays to choose from that you are bound to find something perfect.

Book your vacation

Once you have decided on the type of adventure holiday you want, as well as the destination, the next step is to book your trip.

Start off by looking online for travel companies that specialize in adventure travel, and then come up with a list of the top five. Visit each company’s website and have a look at their latest deals, and see if anything suitable comes up.

Prepare your family

Adventure holidays require a lot of stamina and high levels of fitness, so it’s a good idea to prepare your family before you go. Although you are probably already fit, aim to increase your fitness levels as a family to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

Start your pre-vacation fitness training at least two months before your trip and train at least twice a week. Even improving your fitness levels by a small amount can make all the difference, so it’s definitely worth doing.

Pack smart

Don’t make the mistake of packing for your adventure holiday like you would any other trip. For an adventure holiday, what you will need to pack slightly will differ from the usual t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops.

For an adventure vacation, what you pack will obviously depend on the activities, you are doing. But things like comfortable shoes, a hat, a rain coat, and loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.

If you are bored of lounging on a beach while on vacation and love the idea of an activity break, then an adventure holiday is perfect for you.


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“Life Full of Laughter” Exclusive, Custom Colorway Yarn!

IMG_1944Isn’t it beautiful!?!

Brew City Yarns has created an absolutely beautiful custom colorway yarn for me called “Life Full of Laughter”. It is based off the colors on my blog and it is awesome!!! This beautiful yarn is exclusive to us and only available to order through me.

You can buy a 100 gram skein of fingering weight yarn for just $30, which includes shipping within the US. If you’re international and would like to order a skein, just send me a PM and we’ll figure out the additional shipping.

This first round of orders will be accepting signups until July 1, 2015. All money must be paid to my Paypal account ( by July 1. There is no limit to the number of skeins we can order from Brew City Yarns.

Simply comment below and I’ll add you to the list! Be sure to include an email address or Ravelry ID so I can get ahold of you!



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Romantic Days Out on a Trip to Europe

8586789587_c5f7ac6079_zJavier Vieras

Even if you love your kids to the moon and back and would do anything for them, sometimes parents need time to themselves. Occasionally you need a night, day, weekend or even a week or two without your children around to enjoy each other’s company as a couple and not just parents. If you’re lucky enough to grab a vacation, traveling to Europe and particularly the UK and Ireland is a fantastic thing to do as a couple. But when you’re doing a whirlwind tour of several countries, you don’t have time to do everything. So here are some fantastic European days out you can enjoy as a couple when you’re short on time

Culture in Paris

Paris is a must for most couples visiting Europe. It’s the city of love, after all, with or without the “lovelocks” they’ve just removed from the Pont des Arts. Of course, it’s well known for its many cultural highlights, from the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe to the Louvre and Notre Dame. You can see lots of these sights within a day, taking breaks along the way to stroll the banks of the Seine or sit down for a coffee and a crepe.

Fun in Blackpool

Lots of visitors to the UK stop in London and Edinburgh, before maybe going to Ireland to visit Dublin. But there’s more to do in the island nation than visit the major cities. If you want a more whimsical day out that’s fun-focused and light on history, try Blackpool. It’s a great place in England for couples days out, whether you want to take a walk by the sea or enjoy the fun of Blackpool Pleasure Beach theme park.

History in London

There’s a whole lot of history to see in Europe, but if you want to see it for free, London is one of the best places. If you’re a history buff, entry into many of the city’s museums is free of charge, including the Science Museum, British Museum and Natural History Museum. Take a day to do a tour of the main attractions, learning about the history of the city, country and the rest of the world.

Shopping in Brussels

The capital of Belgium is a charming city and only a couple of hours on the train from Paris. If you’re staying in France, it makes a romantic day trip. Take the Eurostar into the city and spend the day shopping in the old town and the Sablon and Avenue Louise areas. You’ll find plenty of beer and chocolates, among other souvenirs, and you’ll see a lot of history along the way.

Art in Munich

Munich is easy to reach if you’re in London or France. If you want somewhere to walk around and admire the history and architecture, this is one of the best places to do it. But it also has fantastic opportunities to see some art, with over 300 galleries available for you to explore.

There are hundreds of places in Europe to enjoy as a couple within one day. But if you take a liking to any, stay longer and explore them further.

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